Re-living and re-experiencing your day for the rest of your lives together? What could be better?!

We at Always & Forever Video take our name seriously, and it shows in our approach to capturing your priceless memories.

All of the joy, all of the magic moments, all of the sights, sounds, and action – it is all captured just the way it happened, without anything or anybody being affected or interfered with. And if you've selected our Grand Package or above, it's your option to receive a rough-cut version (which is essentially everything that was shot) DVD as you return from your honeymoon. You are then invited to provide as much or as little input for the editing as you wish.

We produce the type of excellence that everybody is accustomed to viewing on TV or at the movies. So donít just take our word for it, we recommend that you see actual wedding day DVDís that weíve done (and feel free to compare our videos to others!) Ė our DVDís are just a phone call or e-mail away.


If ever you are interested in transferring your video to another type of media (in 50 years, we may not be owning DVD or VHS fact, with the way that technology is changing, it would seem unlikely), your DVD or Blu-Ray disk is an ideal source. In addition to the DVD's that are a part of your package, you have our complete persmission and blessing to make as many copies as you wish! Options include having the video file put onto a USB stick(s) or an online link that you are welcome to view and share as you wish.

You and the one you love could not have picked a better time for your wedding....if preserving wedding day memories is a priority!